This actually is part 7(!) out of the long running series of 'Sniper' movies. How many of them have you seen? Probably not a lot, since these type of movies tend to go under the radar relatively fast and easily once they get released. They are low-budget, simplistic and never anything too spectacular, though having said that, this movie most definitely isn't as awful as the average B-action movie.

To be honest, I don't even believe that I have seen any of the other 'Sniper' movies. Does it matter? It luckily really doesn't. Tom Berenger and Billy Zane, who still played a large part in most of the earlier movies, have taken a backseat in this, and it doesn't seem to follow- or refer to any of the previous movies out of the series. It truly is a movie that you can enjoy as s standalone entry, featuring a batch of fresh characters and story-lines.

It actually is a surprising stylish and well made movie. Despite its lack of large action set pieces, it never feels like a slow or boring film. There is always something happening in it, always moving forward and still plenty of small scale action to enjoy. Perfect for the lovers of cheap and simplistic (modern) action flicks and certainly better than just the average genre attempt. It trust me, I have seen plenty of modern 'average genre attempts', often also starring better/bigger name actors in it.

There is only so much that the style of the movie is able to conceal and compensate for. Its lack of a truly good and engaging does become obvious and quite troublesome after a while. It never is the most interesting or tense movie to watch, due to a lack of good and likable enough characters, as well as the absence of a decent enough main story. It is just far too uninteresting to watch all. The movie really lacks a likable enough main hero and a fun and despicable enough main villain. Basic stuff needed to make any action movie great. There also isn't a big enough conflict in the movie, or a interesting 'McGuffin'. Just a basic 'man on a mission' story, with all of the usual clichés. It isn't just not the most interesting or engaging movie around, but also definitely never the most surprising one, which only adds to the movie its simplicity.

But oh well, at least I never felt bored while watching this movie. It definitely helps that the movie is a good- and professional looking one, which even makes you forget that you are watching nothing but a cheap and formulaic sequel, staring second rate actors.

Watchable enough for those who enjoy cheap and simplistic modern action flicks. Everybody else is better off skipping this one.


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