What might seem like a fun and action packed little movie, actually really isn't. I was still fine with the lack of action, but thing I really wasn't fine with was with how incredibly messy and unpleasant this movie was to watch.

It is always amazing to me how a movie with barely any story in it can still manage to work out as an incredibly confusing and messy one. It is mainly because the movie is never able to focus. There are multiple things going on at once, involving many (far too many) different characters, that just don't ever really feel connected to each other. It is almost as if this movie got shot without a script and it allowed its actors to come up with their own lines of dialog and story on the spot. It makes it hard to tell what is going on at times, but what is arguably worse is the fact that it sucks all energy and fun out of the movie.

Since after all, this movie very clearly was supposed to be a comedy. Not sure how it thought that it would be fun or funny to watch, but it is a comedy nevertheless, with its exaggerated moments and very over-the-top characters, that never manage to work out as any likable ones. Also, since again, the movie doesn't really focus on just one or two good main characters. I can't even really tell who was supposed to be the main character in this, or even who was supposed to be one of the good- or bad 'guys'.

My guess is that this was supposed to be some sort of social satire as well. It after all is a comedy, that takes on a 'reality TV show' approach. I just don't get though what it is trying to be critical at and what it is poking fun at exactly. Another reason why it just doesn't ever work out is because it absolutely never feels or looks like a reality TV show at all. I mean, not even in the slightest.

Pretty surprising to see how some good and well known actors appear in this movie. Maybe it is because they thought it would be a fun one to make, also since the movie gave them plenty of room and opportunity to improvise. It however really isn't a movie that is going to look good on anyone's resume.

The movie is also trying to be very hip and original with its visual style. A little bit too hard too though. It feels forced and therefore also incredibly ineffective. It is all far too deliberate, which goes at the expense of any form of realism. The style actually seemed right for the movie and with a better and far more focused story it still potentially could have worked out well, so I am not really blaming the film-makers for taking such a visual approach.

Thing I do blame them for is the use of CG blood. At absolutely never looks right and realistic and besides often comes across as lazy film-making. It is also distracting and a thing that adds absolutely nothing. Not to its action, not to its realism and most definitely not to its entertainment either.

Almost nearly totally unwatchable, mainly due to its incredibly messy story and storytelling.


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