Who doesn't like William H. Macy? No, but literally, who doesn't like William H. Macy? He is just one of those likable guys you can't hate and always good to watch in any movie. It is therefore also disappointing to see that as a director he definitely is less talented and it also is extremely hard to like this movie.

The movie just feels all wrong. The concept, the approach, the characters. None of it really gels. It is just a weird comedy to watch and not in a very good or fun way. It is basically about two women acting incredibly immaturely over a guy, they literally know absolutely nothing about. It is not even a silly comedy, but still the two main characters act incredibly silly, while the movie itself is set in a 'normal' world. The approach and concept would have been more suitable for a typical teen comedy, but the thing about the movie is that the characters are all well over their 30's or getting close to it. It even makes the characters terribly unlikable and there also most definitely isn't one present in this movie to ever really care for. Why should you want to see any of them end up being happy, when they do nothing but terrible and immature things to each other. The characters are all incredibly shallow, but unfortunately that isn't the only shallow thing about the movie.

The story itself is always far too simplistic and straightforward, even by normal comedy standards. There aren't really side-plots and it throws you right into the midst of things, without ever setting anything up properly first. The comedy also never gets set up right. The way things just happen is even somewhat annoying to watch and it certainly also makes the comedy of the movie mostly very ineffective. It besides is a very predictable movie. The little story that is present throughout it offers no surprises, even while the movie itself obviously still thinks that it is being clever at times.

The acting isn't anything too bad, but it obviously isn't good enough to make any of the characters either interesting or very likable. This again has mostly to do with the writing of the movie, so I am not even blaming Kate Upton or Alexandra Daddario for anything. This movie definitely gives the impression that they would be great and funny to watch in any other comedy movie or series.

It also definitely feels like this would have been a movie that would have been better to watch had it been directed by a woman. Someone who understands the female characters, dialog and humor better. It is a very female orientated movie, but it most definitely never feels like a 'chick flick' or anything females are going to enjoy watching and can relate to.

A terribly ineffective comedy and movie in general.


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