With a title such as- and a premise of "Oceans Rising", there is absolutely no doubt about it that this is a The Asylum movie, made for the SyFy channel. A very typical low-budget disaster flick, with both questionable special effects as well as story.

This definitely is a below average genre attempt, even by normal The Asylum standards. Problem with it is that it is not spectacular or entertaining enough to be a decent survival/mankind vs. nature kind of flick and never well thought out or written to work out as a decent ad engaging enough drama.

It is crazy how this is a movie about survival and about one of the biggest disasters that could happen to mankind, yet it is a terribly uneventful movie, in which the characters never seem to be in any real danger from anything. The main characters try to save the world, but meanwhile they aren't even all that concerned about even saving themselves. It doesn't help that the movie at all times sticks to its main characters, which as a result we never get to see the gravity and impact of the catastrophe. In a way it is a too personal movie, without ever becoming very personal at all. The characters are, just like everything else in this movie, terribly underdeveloped and therefore uninteresting to have to follow around.

I know these movies often are amongst the most simplistic and straightforward ones, but this one really takes the cake. It seems to have no idea how to make things even remotely interesting or original to watch. Absolutely nothing comes as a surprise, that is if there is happening anything in it, that is. Well, guess that its main concept is at least somewhat original. Rather than being a movie about global warming it is a movie about solar flares hitting the Earth, causing a whole bunch of natural catastrophes.

There is not much making any sense about this movie though. For some reason the main character gets ignored when he tries to warm the government, which is all crazy and laughable to watch. The events that happen after it aren't exactly more convincing. Nothing really ever gets build up, which totally ruins any potential suspense and excitement. Characters get introduced, but noting happens with them. It is crazy! Almost as if this movie got written in two days and then totally got scrambled up again during production.

The special effects obviously also aren't too impressive to look at. It is very obvious that most water shots got shot in a nice warm pool somewhere and please don't watch this movie expecting to at least get any good panic and destruction. The movie just really doesn't know what to do with its concept. And really, a low-budget can't be an excuse. At least not an only excuse for creating such a terribly uneventful and unimaginative movie experience.

Not spectacular, not entertaining, not engaging, not well made, not good...Not good at all!


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