Every horror lover loves anthology movies. Why? Because it means you are getting a couple of good shorts and usually at the very least one great one as well. It also doesn't matter too much when one or more shorts fail to impress you, since they are so short and in no way get in the way of any of the other shorts, that work out better.

Most anthology movies still share a common plot line or feature a storyteller, or something else along those lines, but not this one though. It is simply the one short after the other, without sharing any connection. It means that is a mishmash of different horror styles and approaches, but that also means that there most likely is going to be at least one short that is going to appeal to you, with its approach or concept. Besides, it is not like all shorts are that different from each other in style. Visually it is actually a pretty consistent movie and there is not one short that comes across as any cheaper or less professional than the other. Sure, each segment is different in tone and each and every director definitely was able to put their own signature on to the movie.

It is funny how basically every horror anthology movie features one bad segment, a bunch of average ones and than one or two truly great and impressive ones. This movie really is no different in that regard, with maybe as a difference that none of the segments are truly terrible to watch. Most of them are incredibly average to be fair, but luckily there also are two standout segments, to help to make this movie worthwhile. But really, every segment is going to appeal someone different of course and it is all a matter of taste, more so than is the case with any other type of movie.

Good thing is that every short at least features an original enough premise in them. It often uses a whole bunch of formulaic genre ingredients, but it still manages to use them all well and spin them into an original enough way. Most shorts are incredibly short though, so most aren't ever doing enough to truly impress you with anything. I was actually surprised how many shorts they crammed into this movie. Not saying that this movie would have better if it only featured, lets say about, 5 individual segments, but it potentially could have given some of the segments more room and opportunity to develop into something truly more mesmerizing and effective, in regard to its horror and main stories.

It also was somewhat weird to see how some segments were taking a more comedic approach to things. Again, nothing too uncommon for a horror anthology project, but I feel that in this case it put things out of balance and featured one or two too many, more comedic like, segments in it. It often is fun, but thing about this approach is that the horror usually falls flat and it doesn't keep you into the right mood. I don't think that this is a great party movie so to speak, to play at a house with a bunch of friends, around Halloween. Really, this movie isn't going to give anyone nightmares, despite some good horror moments and great imaginative, original and creepy concepts.

A pretty good anthology movie and perfectly watchable. Just not up there with the best or most memorable and recommendable ones.


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