This Irish production is quite different from the usual Hollywood horror attempt, but is that also a positive thing? It makes the movie quite original, but at the same time I can't say that the movie works out very well as well.

It is a real slow-burner. The movie its pace is slow and it really takes the time to build up its story. And nothing wrong with such an approach, if done effectively. Problem with this movie is that it gives you far too little. The mystery is never made interesting enough and the suspense feels lacking. All of this is mostly due to the reason that there is far too little happening in the story. Never a shocking moment, never a clever or gut-wrenching twist. A movie can often be too mysterious and vague for its own good, which definitely is being the case for this movie as well. You need to give the viewers something to stay interested, which this movie does far too little.

The atmosphere of the movie is quite good. Like I said, it is different from an average Hollywood production and the style of the movie is something that really adds to the atmosphere, which is dark, but never for the same of being dark or in any other forced way. Maybe it is all due to the Irish settings and accents that it works out as something natural and pleasing to watch.

The story however really could have used some more work though. It now really feels like a less clever and layered version of "The Wicker Man", which no doubt this movie also was inspired by, along with a bunch of other classic British movies, such as "Straw Dogs". It really struggles to keep things going and interesting to watch at all times. It is a very straightforward and personal movie, from the main character's perspective, but some more side-plots and interesting secondary characters could have definitely made things potentially better and more intriguing to watch.

It is amazing to me that even with its slow and dragged out story this movie is just barely over an hour long. It certainly feels much longer as well, which of course never is a good thing to say. Can't say that it is a terribly boring movie as well, but it most definitely is a far from eventful one neither.

As I often say; there isn't enough in this movie too hate it, but it truly is a far from perfect and recommendable movie as well. Maybe only recommendable if you are in the mood for something different and original, horror-wise. Just don't expect a fast paced movie, with tons of scares or any good blood and gore.


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