Ah, yes! Another cheap movie to cash in on the success of a well known, big movie. I can't even really hate these type of movies, since they aren't even hiding the fact.

Of course this movie has absolutely nothing to with Christopher Nolan's "Dunkirk". On top of that, it also has absolutely nothing in common with it, quality-wise. As a matter of fact, this movie has barely anything to do with Dunkirk. It even seems as if the title simply got slapped onto the movie, to make a few extra bucks. It is just another, very basic, WW II action flick, involving a bunch of gun fights, explosions and who knows what else. I mean, I barely understood what its story was supposed to be all about. It features a simple mission type plot, involving all of the familiar, clich├ęd characters.

If you know 'The Asylum' and director Nick Lyon you already sort of know what you are in for. It is cheap, it is simplistic, it is incredibly forgettable but it at the same time is not without its entertainment value as well. Really, if you enjoy 'bad' movies this one definitely has plenty to offer you. Silly dialog, bad acting, cheap effects. It has a certain charm to it, but it is clearly not for everyone to enjoy. Most are still going to strongly dislike this movie for its cheapness and ridiculousness. And obviously, no one in their right mind could call this a great movie. Not even if you are into this sort of cheap and simplistic entertainment.

To be frank, this really is the type of movie I would have loved to have made with my friend, when I was 16-years old. That is not giving it much of compliment. After all, my movie most definitely would have sucked. It has a sort of childish naivety and simplicity to it, but also the way it looks is far from impressive. The costumes, the weapons, the vehicles. None of it looks right and it is as if they called as many people as possible to ask if they want to appears in this movie, under the condition they take their own costumes and fake guns with them. It really doesn't look or feel like a most consistent movie, even though it is consistently bad all throughout.

Somewhat enjoyable in a silly kind of way, but absolutely by no means a great movie.


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