A movie with a title such as this obviously shouldn't be taken too seriously, however that can't be an excuses for its lack of quality and creativity.

At first glance this movie seems like fun. Besides, it seems to have an original- and good enough premise to turn this into a good and silly zombie-comedy. And yes, all of the right ingredients definitely were there, but yet the movie absolutely never manages to work out as either an hilarious or entertaining enough one.

And first of all, "Granny of the Dead"? Just a gimmick and something to peak your interest, while the movie itself has very little to do with its title. It's just a zombie comedy like any other, featuring a whole bunch of different zombies in it and a group of people trying to fight them of and survive through the day. It's not filled with granny action, so the lovers of that are probably going to end up feeling deceived and disappointed. But seriously, it's really nothing but a clever but cheap way to appear original, while the movie in fact is far from a very clever or original one.

It's not only a very formulaic genre movie, but also a very poorly executed one, on top of that. There is never a pleasant flow and pace, since the movie seems to be hardly concerned about following a story. As a matter of fact, there is barely any story at all and the movie just lets things happen, without having a decent build up. The suspense, the comedy, the drama, it all falls extremely flat due to this approach, or perhaps rather said, due to a lack of any form of approach.

It's a low budget production, which really shows. Not only with its effects, but perhaps more so with its visual style. The camera-work, the directing, the editing, it's all terribly lacking, which is not only due to its budget but also due to a lack of talent, I'm sorry to say. And really, does expecting to at least get some good, gory fun, out of this movie are going to end up feeling disappointed as well. There just isn't much in this movie to still make it a worthwhile one for anybody. The gore never impresses, due to the way how it's Incorporated into the movie. Like everything, it just happens in the movie, without ever being a main focus point. It besides really isn't anything that you haven't seen before already.

Perhaps this movie still would have been a better and more fun one to watch if only it had some better characters in it. But again, like everything, also the characters are terribly underdeveloped and it's therefore hard to care about anything that happens to them. Just a nameless bunch of people, doing random stuff, that never comes across as anything engaging, surprising or creative. No, it's really hard to name one redeeming quality about this movie.

A zombie comedy that just simply sucks and lacks any bite, so to speak.


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