With a title such as "Attack of the Killer Donuts" you can only expect a comedy. And indeed, this is a full blown comedy, that isn't necessarily a spoof of the genre.

In a way this movie is a throwback to the '50's when these sort of 'silly killer' and 'monster' movies were popular but I can't really say that this movie is spoofing this particular genre as well. It's mostly just a movie that's featuring a silly concept, made for laughs, without referencing anything. The movie actually somewhat reminded me of the 1958 movie "The Blob", which is a comedy as well, that doesn't ridicule the genre.

No, I'm really not saying that this movie is as great and memorable as "The Blob" as well though. Far from it actually. It's a shame, since the movie seemed to have the right concept and approach to it in it but the movie itself remains lackluster and never makes full use of its potential.

The characters, story and comedy all seem fun but there's just something missing. Part of this is due to the fact that the movie is an extremely low-budget one, which shows. It's a bit of a clumsily movie to look at times, with some lacking directing, editing and special effects in it. It gives the movie a sort of cheap and unprofessional look, which doesn't work in its advantage. It's also being a bit too silly for its own good at times. Not all of the comedy works out and it's also definitely true that it's mostly the story that's keeping this movie down.

I can't even really say that there is much of a story in this. It also isn't necessarily following much of a plot and it's basically just 'a happening of events'. Events that aren't all that well written or convincing to begin with of course. It's lazy and never really creative enough with anything, while there really was plenty of room for it. Seriously, here you have a movie about 'killer donuts', yet the movie often is all over the place with its story and about a whole bunch of different stuff, except the killer donuts. As a matter of fact, there really isn't all that much donuts action in this, looking back at it.

And while the movie is fun it just never becomes a greatly entertaining one as well. It's funny at moments but more often than not it's being too much of a lame and simplistic movie, featuring a silly premise that never fully pays off. Horror-wise the movie is especially a weak one. There is no good gore, no real fun killings and certainly not any tension or good scares either.

Sure, it's still a fun enough little movie (especially while drinking), just don't expect anything too great from it. In a way it was a far better movie than I expect it to be, but at the same time I just can't call it an entirely good and successful one as well.


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