Well, well, well, what do we have here? Nothing too special, but it's a tasty little comedy-snack that's well paced and has plenty of laughs in it.

It's an incredibly simplistic movie, but at the same time that's also being its greatest strength. There's not much story actually and the movie seems to be mostly ab-libbed, but this can be a great thing when you have some capable actors involved with your projects. Amir Mo is such an actor. He very rapidly spews jokes left and right and his co-stars often go along very well with them. It results in some pretty absurd but hilarious moments at times and it's also hard not to enjoy or like this movie for what it is.

It's very successful at what it's trying to do. It's shot in a mockumentary style, which really adds to the fun. Not that it's ever a very convincing or remotely realistic mockumentary, but I doubt that this was the direction the persons involved were going for. Just a bunch of girls and guys having fun making a movie, without setting up too many boundaries for themselves. It still sort of follows a script and story, but it's mostly being secondary to the movie really and all really doesn't matter too much for it.

Still the movie goes a bit overboard at times when it does try to follow its story too closely. It's just a tad bit too ridicules at times and I definitely think it's going too over-the-top with it at parts, especially during its second half. The first half of the movie is definitely being the better and much more fun half of the movie. Not saying that the movie ever becomes a terrible one but it's just not the most consistent one either, unfortunately.

This basically just is a movie to have a good and fun time with, if you have nothing better to do and are in the mood for some good, harmless and silly laughs. And really, the title may sound raunchy but the movie actually is a very tame one, especially considering its themes and main subject.


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