While this movie is nothing special, it still remains a perfectly watchable one. It's some fine harmless, silly, simple entertainment, when you really have nothing better to do or watch.

It's not a very original or clever movie but at least it's being creative enough with its themes. It's a horror comedy, which in this case means that it's never truly an hilarious one but also never a scary one. It's a, not entirely successful, blend of comedy and horror, that luckily still manages to entertain. It's because the movie is very clear about what it wants to be. It never pretends to be anything more than a silly and far from realistic movie, that's filled with some crazy situations and over-the-top characters.

The comedy feels somewhat cheap and lazy at times but at the same time it's also the thing that keeps the movie going. It ensures that the story is always moving ahead and the movie never slows down for anything. It isn't trying to make sense of anything, which allows the movie to become as crazy as possible. And things do really get crazy at times. Not everything is to my taste, but hey, that's comedy. At least the movie never forgets to be entertaining.

For the horror lovers there also still is plenty to enjoy. The movie is being a pretty blood and gory one, even though most of it is being used for comedic effect. It just doesn't care. It mixes vampire movie elements in with zombies but no horror fan has ever complained about any zombie action. And it really are the zombie elements that are prevalent in the movie, which should really excite the genre-lovers. Plenty of gory fun for them to enjoy in this movie.

I just can't call this movie a great one as well though. It's just too simplistic for that. It's straightforwardness is its greatest strength, but a weakness as well. There aren't any real surprises in the movie and it basically does everything you expect it to do, which is good, but also means that the movie just isn't ever being original or clever enough with any of its ingredients.

The characters also are just nothing more than a bunch of stereotypes. The movie also doesn't really handle its characters very well, which makes them nothing more but a bunch of bland, uninteresting, cardboard characters. Another example of its simplistic- and somewhat lazy approach. None of the characters have an story-arcs and you never really get to know any of them.

A far from great movie but still a perfectly fun one to watch, if you're in the mood for some simple entertainment.


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