Well, at least this movie is being original. Sort of...somewhat...maybe.

I guess I can see what this movie was going for but I can't really say that it's being a very successful one at what it's trying to achieve. It's trying to be a paranoid type of thriller, that attempts to give you a view into the mind of a mentally troubled person. The result however is a very messy and far from pleasant movie, that lacks a good main story and likable enough characters.

It's far from the most artsy fartsy movie I have ever seen but it's nevertheless obvious that the movie is going for a more artistic approach, with a deeper meaning behind. It's not always about its story or characters but more about the emotions and visuals. It's too bad though that none of it works out as very appealing. And who knows, maybe this was the approach that the movie was going for but I however doubt this. After all, it makes the movie nearly unwatchable at times. Not because it's a tough movie to watch but more because it's a totally nonsensical one, that lacks any true emotions or a suspenseful, believable, engaging enough story to latch onto.

My guess is that most people are going to scared off by its story (or rather said, the lack of it) but for me personally the main character was a far bigger problem for this movie. The problem with her is that she's never much of a sympathetic one. An anti-hero you might say but one that's very hard to ever care for because of her actions and behavior throughout the movie.

I have to admit that the movie starts to become a tad bit better toward the end, when it becomes more story orientated but it's all too little too late- and not quite good enough to turn things around for this movie.

It at the same time also remains somewhat hard to tell what this movie was trying to do. There is not really a clear enough point to it and it feels all over the place with its story, characters, dialog and style. It at the surface seems like an original and unique enough movie but the movie in fact is really doing very little and isn't being half as original or clever with any of its themes and plot lines as it seems to believe it is.

The acting is also all still quite good and Kirsty Averton seems like a capable enough actress to carry a movie but it's the story and directing style that lets this movie down. It makes things messy and an overall far too unappealing experience to watch.


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