Ah yes, I remember the days when every shark- and other killer animal movie, were trying to be like "Jaws". A time that actually really wasn't that bad, when compared to shark movies nowadays. Nowadays the movies revel in their silliness and are more concerned about becoming the next "Sharknado", rather than actually trying to be a remotely decent movie. Or in this case the movie isn't only trying to be the next "Sharknado, it also features tons of elements from "Waterworld", which seems like an even more odd approach and choice.

Well, it's a movie from The Asylum for the SyFy channel, so you sort of should already know what to expect from it; not much good but plenty of entertainment and silliness. Guess that the movie in some regards delivers in that way but at the same time there is absolutely no way that I can call this movie a remotely decent or recommendable one.

The story is a real issue. I just really don't know what's even going on this movie. Something to do with activating a machine to wipe out the sharks, that for some reason have taken over the oceans. So yes, it seems that I actually got the story but it's so messy and nonsensical that it constantly gave me the feeling I wish missing something about it. No way the story could be this simplistic and nonsensical, right? Well, in this case it really is though. I wasn't missing anything, the story was just that simplistic and terrible to have to follow. Things never get explained properly and the movie seems very random with all of its events and developments. It never manages to create a good 'world', with its own rules and logic. It's somewhat of a post- apocalyptic movie, that however feels and looks like its taking place in the normal, everyday world, in which there is no shortage of anything. Characters look clean and well fed, as do the boats they sail on. Yes, as a matter of fact I really have to admit that "Waterworld" is a far superior movie, that also does a far better job handling its post-apocalyptic elements and yes, it even is a far more eventful movie as well.

There of course still is lots of action in this movie but it's too much of the same. There's only so much you can do with giant killer sharks, I guess. Besides, all of the computer effects are absolutely horrendous, so none of the shark action ever feels like anything realistic or remotely exciting.

The human characters barely have more personality and depth than the sharks in this movie though. It's annoying how you never really get to know any of the characters and how none of them are likable and charismatic enough to carry the movie.

It's not even good in a silly and entertaining kind of way. It's just a messy and poorly done movie, that never manages to be a watchable enough one.


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