It's that time of the year again. October, which means that Halloween is right around the corner. It also means that we'll get a ton of new horror movies this month and unsurprisingly so of very mixed quality. Some great but most of them of absolutely abysmal quality. Uncreative cash-grabs that bring absolutely nothing new to the table. This movie falls in neither category though. It's some very average stuff that isn't doing an awful lot wrong but also unfortunately really isn't ever doing anything great.

Really the best news about this movie is that isn't doing anything awfully bad but that bad news is that it isn't doing enough to ever wow you with anything. It's almost as if the movie is deliberately holding back, in order to not go over-the-top or mess anything up. No real creativity, no real surprise, not much gore and blood. No, if you're a fan of the horror genre this movie really doesn't have a lot of awful new or exciting to offer you but it certainly is true that there are far worse movies out there, that feature a similar type of concept.

It's an horror anthology movie, which is something most horror movie fans absolutely love but it's also a genre that's never without its troubles. Certain clichés and problems are unavoidable when doing a horror anthology movie, that always consists out of bunch of individual told short stories. Usually none of the stories are connected and they often are too short to set up the right type of mood and story for a short horror tale. And that also really is the main problem with this movie. None of the different segments are terrible but they fail to make an impact. Every time that a segment finally seems to be heading into an interesting and good direction with things it suddenly ends, which too often feels like a real disappointment and missed opportunity. There further more are no good scares, never any real tension, no good characters. No, it most definitely isn't going to be something that you'll remember for a very long time, after watching it.

A good buildup is always essential to a good horror movie. A movie has to set up the right atmosphere and put the viewers on edge while watching in order for any of its scares to work out. This movie isn't ever doing any of that. It's just merely telling a bunch of stories that just happen to feature some typical horror clichés and characters in them. Haunting, serial killers, possessions, zombies, vampires. You name it, it's basically all present in this movie. It truly is a mixed bag of different sub-genres, which is something I give the movie credit for but at the same time I still can't praise, since it's never doing anything surprising or truly daring. And isn't it illegal anyway to feature 2 different zombie stories in the same anthology movie?

The movie has a pretty decent cast, with actors such as Amy Smart, Michael Ironside, Doug Jones and Alfie Allen showing up in it but in the end their roles are far too small to leave much of an impression. It's something that looks cool on a poster and in a trailer but that's a;; that can be said about it really.

Nothing too bad and there most definitely a far worse horror anthology movies out there (trust me, i'm an expert) but you're not really missing out on anything if you decide to skip it.


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