Well, speaking about original...The most positive thing I can say about this movie is that it surprised, in the sense that it turned out to be something totally different from what I expected it to be. Was it a good and pleasant surprise? Mostly yes but the movie itself still remains a bit of a mixed bag.

At first sight this movie seems like just another cheap horror flick, in which a bunch of partying teens head into the woods, without their cell phones of course. And when it seemed that this was all that this movie was going to be, I was far from impressed by it. The production values were low, even amateur like and the acting was questionable. It looked and felt like one of those cheap horror movies made by a group of friends, without any real experience in the business, during their spare time.

I took the movie as a serious genre attempt but the movie then suddenly decided to make a turn. Instead of turning into a formulaic horror flick, it turned into a stoner-comedy instead, with some odd science-fiction and thriller elements in it. Sounds like an incredibly odd and random thing and yes, indeed it is. But the thing is that It actually worked out, in the sense that it made the movie an unique but above all things pleasant viewing experience. It was fun. Stupid fun but fun nevertheless! I even have to admit that it definitely took the movie up a few notches from me. From absolutely hating, I kind of started to like it.

However I just still can't call this movie a great or recommendable one as well. Problem with it is that the story isn't going anywhere and things just really don't add up in it. While the movie entertains in some way, it still remains a totally pointless- and ultimately also very forgettable one.

While its randomness at the same time remains the movie its biggest strength, the movie feels like a too simplistic one, in about every regard. Cheap production values, very few characters but worse; no real story to latch on to. Luckily the movie is a very short one, so it never becomes a too annoying or dragging one but needless to say that it doesn't exactly makes this movie a must-see either.


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