Chances are you have never heard of this movie and chances are that you're not going to remember it for a very long time either, even after watching it.

No, it's not a terrible movie but I just don't know who to recommend this one to. It's a thriller but more the kind of thriller that focuses on the dramatic aspects of the story, without ever becoming truly interesting or engaging though. And that really is the biggest problem with this movie; it isn't an engaging one to watch, due to a lack of any good characters or some decent enough story development.

The movie starts off slow and it just never seems to be able to pick up some good pace. And really, nothing wrong with a slower and more subtle kind of movie, as long as it manages to become interesting, tense and/or surprising with things. Needless to say that this movie never achieves any of that, without becoming ever becoming a terrible movie as well though. It's like I often say; there just isn't enough in this movie for me to hate it as well. It isn't doing much, which also means that it isn't doing an awful lot wrong. I therefor really can't hate the movie but I obviously can't call it a very successful- or recommendable one as well.

Thing I also strongly dislike about these type of movies; why do they have to so darn dark to watch? And I don't mean dark with its themes, characters or story, no, I simply mean dark in a visual way. Why can't there be any colors? Shooting your movie in a dark and moody way doesn't always make it atmospheric as well. It in this case makes the movie instead a dull and unappealing one to look at. I also definitely lost interest in it pretty early on already, which wasn't just because of its pace or story.

It's really a missed opportunity for this movie that it didn't featured any stronger and better characters in it. The right actors for it were there but the writing obviously was lacking. The story wasn't only never truly interesting enough, it also lacked a clear goal and purpose, not strong enough villains and 'heroes' you just could never cheer or feel for because you didn't ever get to know enough about any of them. The dialog also was particularly bad at parts, which contributes to the fact that neither the story or characters ever work out well within the movie. It even made some of the acting look bad, despite having some pretty good and capable actors in it, such as Kyra Sedgwick and Frank Grillo.

Sure, I have seen way worse and I can't say this is a terrible movie but that in this case doesn't make it a good or recommendable one as well.


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