Well, it's a movie by The Asylum, so you should know what that means by now. It means that you are going to get a cheap knock off of a big blockbuster movie that's about to come out or has just come out. In this case, the 'lucky' victim is the WW II movie "Fury". Does this movie even have anything in common with the Brad Pitt movie? Well there are tanks in it...

But in all honesty, there definitely are far more worse cheap WW II action-flicks out there and you can definitely take my word for that. Not saying that this movie is much good but it at least isn't quite as bad and laughable as I expected it to be.

The 'positive' thing I can say about this movie is that it at least isn't following a story. Not a very solid, original or well thought out story but a story nevertheless. It doesn't dwell too much on anything and there are no distractions in the movie its story, which potentially so very easily could had turned it into an unpleasant and hard to follow mess. It's sticking to its very basic and straightforward story all throughout, which also means that there luckily is never really a slow moment in it and the movie never turns into a boring one, despite the fact that there really isn't an awful lot happening in it.

But sure, it's definitely true as well that there are far more negatives than positives about this movie. The acting for instance is absolutely terrible, especially from the actors who play the bad guys (yes, I mean the Nazi's). It also is the kind of movie in which you never really get to know any of the characters and you most likely won't be able to tell them apart or remember any of their names.

It's a movie that's going for action and entertainment, instead of realism, which is fine of course but the problem with the movie is that this is a modern movie set during WW II, which means that it's still having to rely on having authentic looking sets, costumes and props in it, for it to work out as an actual WW II movie. But it's all too obvious, from the start on already, that the movie clearly doesn't have the budget to ever let anything look authentic or even realistic enough. The CGI effects are especially horrible and unfortunately 80% of all of the action sequences use some form of CGI in them. But at the same time I still have to admit that I liked the locations they shot at, which in fact felt authentic. As far as I;m able to find out, the movie was entirely shot in Alabama, USA but it definitely looks and feels like it got filmed in Belgium or France to me.

It's not a very subtle, clever, convincing, spectacular or engaging movie to watch and definitely one you should avoid but there definitely are far more worse knockoffs by The Asylum- and other cheap low budget war movies to watch, out there. It's the type of movie that I would have loved to have made with a bunch of friends back when I was 16 but one that I would have never shown to the rest of the world, out of embarrassment for it.


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