In short; this is not a bad movie but it ain't exactly a great one either. There is enough in it to call this movie a decent and original enough one but at the same time, it really isn't ever doing anything special or surprising as well.

Within its genre this movie really does work out as a fresh and original one. It found some new interesting angles to the whole kidnapping/disappearance of a person, in a strange foreign country, thriller sub-genre but by saying that the movie appears to be original with its story I'm really not saying that the movie itself works out as a very surprising or original one as well. No, the movie itself still remains nothing more but an incredibly ordinary and flat one, when it comes down to its emotions and tension.

It's not a thriller with any good tension. It's not a thriller with any good surprises and it's not really a thriller with any good action or other entertaining elements in it either. But is it a bad thriller as well? I really don't think so. Sure, it would be crazy for you to run over to the cinema to see this movie but once you catch it late on TV or find it laying in a bargain bin somewhere you most likely wont regret watching this movie or picking it up for cheap. It's doing all of the usual and formulaic stuff that you would expect to see in a movie like this but it's luckily doing most of it well. It absolutely never is a terrible or too far fetched and ridicules movie to watch and you most likely won't feel bored while watching it.

It truly is an average movie to watch, in just about every way imaginable. The movie is never shot, directed or acted out very well but still everything about it remains competent enough. It's obvious that this movie wasn't the most expensive one to make and especially when you are taking that into consideration you just have to conclude that this movie really isn't a bad one at all.

Foremost reason why this movie remains a mostly flat one, in terms of emotions, drama, suspense and other engaging elements is the acting. The characters really aren't all that interesting and the acting truly feels lacking at parts. Sure, John Cusack is always still good and fun enough to watch in these sort of roles but that at the same time is also the problem with it; he has played these type of roles over and over again already in the past few years and his role in this movie isn't exactly among the most memorable or best ones. Not entirely his fault of course. The script just doesn't ever offer anything out of the ordinary for him to do and work with.

It's not a bad movie, just not a very solid or memorable one as well.


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