This type of movies can work out as engaging, mesmerizing movies, you can take a lot out of, or they either work out as pointless, slow, nonsensical drivel. So which category does this movie fall into? A bit into the both of them actually.

In short; this absolutely isn't a bad movie by any means but it isn't ever quite doing enough with the story, characters or any of its themes. I don't feel that any of the characters are going through some interesting or thought provoking transitions and none of the characters feel that well developed or very interesting in the first place. It's of course hard to care about any characters that you basically know very little about and added to that, the acting is only so-so. Again, nothing too terrible but not exactly anything impressive either.

No, this clearly ain't no "Easy Rider" but then again, it also isn't really ever trying to be. Of course people are going to compare the both to each other because of the simple reason that both are road trip movies, with a bunch of tough looking guys riding through desolate American landscapes on their motorcycles but that's about all that the movies have in common with each other though.

Main issue with this movie is that I just don't know what you are supposed to take out of it. Really can't say that this is a life changing and Earth-shaking movie that's going to affect or change anyones life or their view of it. 'So what?' you may say. After all, 95% of all movies don't do this but well, this really is the type of movie that has that sort of pretension to it. Maybe I'm misinterpreting this movie and trying to read too much into it and perhaps it's simply trying to be a simplistic road trip movie, involving a bunch of characters traveling from point A to B, for a specific and very basic reason but the movie just doesn't have that type of air to it. It tries to be more than just another simple and basic movie but unfortunately it isn't ever going anywhere interesting with its themes or story.

But by saying that the movie isn't interesting enough I'm not saying that the movie is a boring one as well though. Even though there isn't an always an awful lot happening in it, it still works out as a mostly intriguing and captivating watch. It's because the movie is a well constructed and technically well made one, that builds certain things up well, even though the payoff isn't always quite as good and effective as well.

It further more is a good looking movie, with some nice cinematography and a good atmosphere to it. Definitely an example for other low-budget productions that want to impress visually. Really too bad that the movie fails to impress with anything different as well though.

Overall the story seems to be too aimless, the characters never quite intriguing enough and none of the drama or emotions ever make much of an impact. It's a good movie to look at and I'm still calling it a technically well made one as well but it's lacking a certain edge and 'oomph' in its story to call this a great or very recommendable movie as well.


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