With a title like "Age of Tomorrow" you would expect this to be a "Edge of Tomorrow" knockoff, especially seeing how this is a movie from The Asylum but funny thing about it is that it's ripping a whole bunch of popular and well known science-fiction movies off, except for "Edge of Tomorrow".

Only a short while ago I was praising the Kondelik brothers movie "Airplane vs Volcano", which truly was one of the most fun B-movies that I had seen in a long while. This time the Kondelik brother James is on his own and while the movie isn't exactly as good or fun to watch as "Airplane vs Volcano" I still strongly feel and believe that the Kondelik brothers are great- under-appreciated and also misunderstood film-makers.

Not saying that their next movie should win them an Oscar but they definitely know what they are doing. They, or in this particular case James Kondelik, know what type of movie they are involved with. Rather than trying to play things straight they simply decide to have some fun with it instead. They know the story is a dumb one, the budget far too low to do anything impressive with and the concept anything but original. The movie is very self aware. As a matter of fact, things are deliberately done as silly and over-the-top as possible at times, which actually really helps to turn it into an entertaining one to watch. And that's how movies like this should be like. They shouldn't be trying to impress you but they should be more about bringing you some simple, silly entertainment instead.

There are still a few things about the movie that prevent it from being an entirely great and successful one though. One is definitely the story. I'm not even necessarily complaining about the silly premise and nonsensical twists and developments but more about the fact that the movie feels all over the place at times. It's really because the movie has a few too many different characters in it and the movie is taking place at too many different locations at once. There are too many heroic characters, who are besides all alike each other and it's hard to tell you what it's story is supposed to be about exactly, since it lacks a good main plot line and focus in it.

But there are also still a few moments of 'greatness' in this movie. The dialog is awesomely bad at times for instance (again, very deliberately) and the action deliciously over-the-top. It's also definitely not a bad looking movie, considering its budget and other limitations. The effects and sets look pretty decent, even though at the same time it all still looks very fake. But then again, that's also part of the charm about these type of movies of course.

Not a great but still fun enough, silly, B-movie, by one of the awesome Kondelik brothers. Seriously, if you're a lover of B-movies you should definitely check their movies out and they aren't even paying me to say that.


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