You can't expect greatness from a movie called "The Coed and the Zombie Stoner" but if you are at peace with that, you actually still may enjoy watching it.

I was actually starting to believe that the days of immature teenage sex/stoner comedies were behind us by now but "The Coed and the Zombie Stoner" proves otherwise. It's about as immature as it can get and it also features all of the usual clichés in it. So lots of drinking, lots of partying, lots of sex jokes and yes, also lots of nudity. I have actually seen porn movies with less nudity in it and that's not even a joke!

It's a very self-aware movie though, which always can go both ways. Sometimes it works and makes the movie a very amusing one to watch but at other it actually makes the movie even more lame and terrible to watch. This movie knows what it is and isn't trying to be anything that it isn't. It's even trying very hard to be as silly and random as possible at parts, which especially makes it obvious that the movie is a very self-aware one, that thrives on its clichés and does exactly what its viewers expect of it. So does it work? I feel that it at some times does but at others it really doesn't.

The movie definitely was better and more fun to watch than I beforehand had expected but it's still filled with lots of terrible and lame moments in it, courtesy of its weak writing and lacking execution. It's definitely somewhat of a lazy movie in terms of originality and creativity when it comes down to the main story but by saying that I'm not saying that the overall movie doesn't have any originality and creativity in it as well. It actually are the movie its more random moments and characters that help to make this an amusing and pretty decent one to watch.

Still, the movie does gets a bit too silly and random to watch though at parts, even for my weird and immature taste. It's almost as if the film-makers were saying; 'let's just be as crazy and random as possible and hope that the viewers will laugh at it.' Like I said, this approach does work out well for the movie at parts but at the same time it also still comes across as lazy film-making as well. Who knows, the movie may have been a much better one if only they would have approached its main story a tad bit more seriously and would have put some more effort into the writing of it.

But sure, this is just a movie to have some silly, simple fun with and it's one you can indeed real easily have some fun with, if you allow yourself to enjoy it. The immature concept and comedy of the movie may put some people off but it's really worth giving a go and I for one definitely still enjoyed it much better than expected, despite of some of its obvious lameness and cheapness.


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