The science-fiction genre of course always has been the one genre that has the most creativity and originality in it. The possibilities with it are endless and especially after the introduction of CGI the sky is no longer the limit. However it's a genre that has been around for over 100 years now and with so many other movies, TV series, comic books and novels around is it still possible to come up with something truly new and creative? After all, basically everything has been done by now, in one way or another and I also can't really say that "Edge of Tomorrow" is a 100% original movie. But does this matter? Absolutely not in this case!

Guess it's true that as long as your movie is a well executed one it really doesn't matter that you're story and concept isn't the most original one. Timeloop movies have been popular ever since "Groundhog Day" and is a concept that got used in quite a lot of science-fiction movies as well over the years, of which "Looper" is the first one to come immediately to mind, which also stars Emily Blunt. It however never has been a part of a movie that's as spectacular as this one though! Because the movie is basically featuring the same battle over and over again, you can say that this movie is a non-stop action flick, that besides is a very well made and wonderful looking one.

But by saying that it features the same events over and over again I'm not saying that the movie ever becomes a repetitive as well. One the contrary really and the movie actually is a pretty creative one with its concept. It besides manages to find a good balance between all of the action, and the story and characters. It can be a serious movie with its themes, a straightforward one with all of the action, an engaging one with the characters and it knows when to use some comic relief, without ever overdoing anything. It basically makes this one very entertaining, spectacular and engaging science-fiction action movie, that is wonderful to watch, from start to finish.

Foremost reason why I'm going to rate this movie as highly as I'm going to do is because I had a great time with it. It's perfectly paced and provides entertainment all throughout, without any needless distractions in it. You can even say that the movie only truly features two characters in it, played by Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt.

And really, it's amazing to see how Tom Cruise still got what it takes to carry a big blockbuster movie, with tons of special effects and action in it. He's well over 50 now but he's still as convincing, physical and charismatic in an action movie star as he was over 20 years ago when he did movies such "Top Gun" and "Days of Thunder".

Most people are still going to be more impressed by the movie its action and visuals though probably. And yes, the movie is a real visual spectacle as well as a spectacle in general. The effects are all great looking but I feel that the key as to why they work out as both realistic and engaging is because of the human characters. This movie isn't just CGI creatures versus a bunch of CGI humans and vehicles but it's a real creatures versus humans movie, in which you can see real humans fight, struggle, sweat and be in fear of their opposing enemies.

I'm normally not that taken with big, special effects-laden, action, blockbusters but there is just no denying that this is one wonderfully executed movie, that is both extremely entertaining and engaging to watch, from start to finish!


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