You won't believe this! Here's a movie...and hold on to your seat now....about a bunch of young adults who decide to spend some time at a remote house somewhere in the middle of the woods, when some bad and scaryyyy things suddenly start to happen to them.

I would have loved to hear the film-makers pitch this movie to potential investors. There is absolutely nothing new or creative about this movie but thing that's even worse is that it's also an extremely poorly executed movie. This movie even- or maybe especially if you love slashers, is an extremely weak and disappointing one to watch.

Sure, it's an obviously cheap movie, with a bad look and other low production values to it but that really isn't the biggest problem of the movie. Biggest problem is that things are handled extremely poorly. There is never any good mystery or tension in this movie, due to a weak build up, which lets its already formulaic story come across as even worse.

Thing that made me still hate this movie the most was the dialog. It's not the kind of dialog that adds anything to the story, or helps to set up its characters but it's just there as a time filler. It other than that adds absolutely nothing to the movie and the dialog really is about nothing, for about 90% of the time. Highly annoying to watch, or rather said, listen to and it makes the movie feel dull and overlong as well.

Even its slasher elements are incredibly weak and poorly handled in this movie. There are no fun or creative deaths and no strong or memorable villain, who's being a constant threat throughout the movie, for the main characters. There hardly is much of a threat or villain in this movie actually, which is one of the many reasons why it feels like a mostly dull and absolutely redundant one.

A terribly executed, formulaic, insignificant, little slasher. Please avoid!


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