This movie is a weird and unique one, so of course it's a hated one as well, since it's doing and showing a whole bunch of odd stuff, that's hard to decipher at times. It's hard to know what's going on in this movie at times and what it's trying to do and say with its story and visuals. But if you are open to these type of more artistic and unusual movies, then this really isn't the worst movie that you can watch.

I won't pretend like I fully understand this movie and know exactly what it was trying to do but at the same time, I have to say that this movie for me never became an unpleasant one to watch as well. It's because it's a very fast paced movie, that feels incredibly random but also held my interest, pretty much all throughout. The visuals also definitely made sure of this and perhaps because the movie feels like such a random one, it feels like an unexpected one as well, that in no way or form ever turns into a predictable movie.

It most likely is a movie that got made on a shoestring budget and it also definitely has an amateur look to it at times but at the same time, when all things considering, this movie is quite an accomplishment. Sure, the movie has a cheap look and feel to it but when looking at it, it never become a distraction for the movie and in some ways it's even a pretty impressive movie to watch. It's obvious that some real time and effort went into making this movie but above all things, also lots of love. It wasn't just a project to waste some time with for the people involved with this movie but they obviously all believed in it and gave everything for it. I admire that about movies like this and it for instance also helps to make it better to watch than just the average and very formulaic low-budget movie.

Still I really can't say that this is a great or very recommendable movie though. It would have been nice if the main story would have been a slightly more solid and easier to follow one. It would have made the movie as a whole a more pleasant and engaging one. The movie as it is is a watchable one but not more than that really. It's not a very thought-provoking movie, not an incredibly entertaining one and not a really memorable one neither.

I don't regret watching this movie but at the same time, I still can't recommend it to anyone else as well.


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