This feels like a true classic horror anthology movie, yet I still can't call it a very good one as well.

Horror anthology movies are having a bit of a revival these past few years, which I definitely something I'm happy about but truly great and memorable anthology movies still remain rare though. And this movie definitely is a forgettable one as well, with its weak writing and lacking horror, in basically all of its segments.

First of all, let's start off positive. Thing I absolute liked about this movie was how all of the segments felt like true urban legends, which is something that horror anthology movies from the '70's and '80's also often featured in them. Now, the bad news though is that none of the writing is solid enough for any of the segments to truly stand out or make a lasting impression on you.

Thing that especially bothered me about the writing was that all of it was extremely predictable. Absolutely nothing came as a surprise in this movie. All segments progress and develop in a predictable and formulaic way and the endings unfortunately often aren't anything that solid or surprising either. It's a shame how none of the segments work out effectively enough. I can't even really pick one favorite- and one least favorite segment from this movie, since all of them are lacking something. It does of course makes this movie a pretty consistent one, which is something not an awful lot of horror anthology movies can say about themselves but in this case it's not a very positive thing to say, seeing how all of the segments fail to make much of an impression.

None of the segments are scary, none of the segments feature any decent gore, which is of course all very disappointing to note about a horror anthology movie. Guess it's also more fair to call this a thriller anthology movie but really, there's a reason why that isn't really a genre to begin with. Short stories in these type of movies should either shock or truly surprise. It's better and easier to achieve that through horror though, since it's something that's more to the point. In a way you can say that doing horror is easier and simpler than doing a thriller, so I still admire the attempt(s) but I just can't call it a successful one as well.

One of the other things that was weak and disappointing about this movie was the acting. None of the actors really impress, which is another reason why most of the segments don't really work out neither. Not saying that they are horrible or that this movie is a totally unwatchable one but everything still feels below average, since nothing about it really works out very effectively.

A below average and very forgettable genre attempt.


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