This seems like a straightforward enough creature feature and horror flick but the movie as it turned out is anything but straightforward really and I don't mean that in a positive way.

With a title and cover like a movie such as this one you expect a very typical genre flick, in which a bunch of drunk and sexually active teens go on a boat-trip, when they all one by one start to die, as a giant fish starts to attack them. A movie filled with blood, with lots of people dying and screaming, some girls who expose their breasts and in the end only one girl survives, the giant fish dies, end credits start to roll. Now, normally it would be a good thing to say that the movie is doing something totally different and is being a far from formulaic one. Not in this case though. It's doing a whole bunch of different and unexpected stuff but however none of it is much good really.

There actually is a whole bunch of different stuff going on in this movie, involving a whole bunch of different characters but none of it ever works out as good or engaging enough, since absolutely nothing in this movie ever gets properly developed, which is mostly due to the fact that it's trying to do and tell far too much stuff, all at once. It's a needlessly convoluted movie. Not that the movie is confusing but it's still incredibly messy and random to watch. Most of the plot lines really aren't ever going anywhere and the movie so easily could have cut out half of the characters.

I just don't understand why an obviously low budget would spend, presumably, thousands and thousands of dollars on different actors, while they could have spend it on so many other things that potentially could have turned this movie into a far better and more fun one. The movie as it is isn't even a horror movie and most certainly not a creature flick, since there's not even a visible monster in it and the story keeps focusing on a whole bunch of other stuff, different from the plot line involving its monster. I really do wish that this movie would have been more like a formulaic genre flick at times, with plenty of blood, gore and some creative killings. That way, the movie still may have been a bad one but it at least would have provided it with some more entertainment as well. I just really can't say that watching this movie is a very fun, thrilling or involving experience.

Now, as far as low budget movies go, it's not the worst- or most amateur looking one but it's low-budget is still very obvious all throughout. Bad music, poor editing, terrible sound quality in certain scenes, etcetera. Besides, it's doing absolutely nothing spectacular or surprising to ever grab or impress you. It's trying hard to be an original movie but however without any true creativity behind it, so the end result is an only bland and pointless movie, that's doing absolutely nothing interesting with anything.

Really not worth your time and money.


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