You know that whenever you watch a low budget genre movie such as this one you are most likely going to get a very formulaic and predictable movie. Not this one though but yet I just can't say that this is a very good movie as well.

It's an OK enough movie for most part but it makes some choices with the story that I just wasn't too happy about or very impressed with. For most part, it's being a very mysterious movie, in which you never know what's going on exactly and what eventually the 'big conflict' is going to turn out to be. It's being a mysterious movie not necessarily through its build up or writing but more so by simply not showing or telling you everything. It's only giving you small pieces of information at times, which is something that often just comes across to me as lazy and simplistic writing. It's a very simple way to create mystery for your movie and a way for it to be over an hour long.

Through the way how the movie is constructed, it also seems and feels like you are watching a horror. Hoewever, when the big twist, or reveal if you will, comes it's obvious that you are not watching a real horror but more of a supernatural type of thriller, without spoiling too much for you. This was a twist I especially wasn't too happy about and about halfway through the movie also starts to take a turn for the worse. The movie becomes somewhat ridicules and unconvincing and instead of working out as something engaging and thrilling, it mostly just is dull and silly.

And all of that is a real shame really, since the movie definitely showed plenty of potential. I also still have to say that it's a very well made movie, in terms of how it looks and feels like. The directing is pretty tight and visually the movie also is a good one to look at. It has a dark and cold sort of atmosphere, which suits the story and settings well and besides is pretty good looking, despite the movie its obvious low budget.

The acting is also fine and the movie besides feels well cast. It's refreshing to note how the movie didn't necessarily go for the prettiest of actors but simply for those who were the most suitable ones for their roles and capable of delivering a solid performance.

For most part the movie remains a perfectly watchable one but some of the twists and overall build up of the movie still makes it overall a below average one, that I also can't really recommend to anyone.


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