Once I read the title, I already was sold! Once I read the premise, I just knew that I had to watch the movie right NOW! It all sounded too ridicules to not work out as something greatly silly and entertaining. And indeed, this movie turned out to be one of the most fun ones I have seen in a long while!

I'm not even kidding, this movie is a greatly entertaining one! Don't worry I haven't completely lost my mind though. Of course quality-wise it's still a 'bad' movie, that's filled with some highly unlikely situations, silly writing, questionable acting and cheap looking effects. But really, as far as these type of cheap disaster movies go, this absolutely is a great one to watch and basically just one to simply have a great time with!

You can say that this is a B-movie done right. It knows what it is and it isn't even ever trying to be anything more but a silly B-movie, without exaggerating things too much. It's not a comedy but it does in fact works out as an highly amusing and funny movie, through its silly concept and unlikely developments. It plays things straight but tongue-in-cheek and it's very obvious to me that everybody involved with this movie must have had a real blast working on it, especially the writers/directors James and Jon Kondelik, who indeed are brothers. The Wachowski's of planes vs. volcanoes movies!

Now that we have already seen giant crocodiles, sharks, dinosaurs, giant snakes and whatever more, attack cities and randomly kill people in movies from The Asylum, it's time for something new and different. What did they come up with? Well, having an airplane vs a volcano of course! And I do have to say that I often enjoy natural disaster type of movies from The Asylum way more than any of those creature features, that are all basically alike each other, though quality-wise they are often still just as bad.

The foremost reason why this movie manages to work out as a good and entertaining one to watch is because it's a very creative movie. This is a movie that's mostly set aboard a plane but it constantly successfully comes up with new things to keep you interested and entertained all throughout. I even have to admit that I thought this movie was a far more creative and enjoyable one than the recent movie "Non-Stop", starring Liam Neeson, that always was set aboard a place. Granted that the foremost reason why it works out as such a creative and amusing one is because of the simple reason that's filled with lots of silly moments and unlikely development, that no big- and completely serious straight movie would ever be able to get away with but it's also an absolute fact that it's maybe a silly movie but it still is one that works out very well within its own framework. Lets just say that this movie is about as good as a movie about an airplane on the 'run' from a bunch of volcanoes can get.

It embraces its concept and simply decides to have some fun with it. It isn't ever really trying to make sense of things or to approach anything in a reasonable or realistic way. It's still not as silly or bad as it all may sound to you, since as I said, it works out well within its own framework. It successfully manages to create its own world, with its very own rules and logic and it sucks you right into it.

A 'bad' and silly movie that I highly recommend watching. It's a very entertaining and almost perfectly done B-movie. I had a really good time with it and it's definitely a far better movie than the usual tripe that The Asylum puts out.


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