The world needs some more werewolf movies...No, strike that. The world needs some more GOOD werewolf movies!

There are too many problems with this movie to regard it a very good or successful one. One of the biggest problems I had with this movie was that it was trying to be a mysterious one for most part, while we as the viewers already know what it going on and what's eventually going to happen. The movie is titled 'Wer' for crying out loud, so is anybody really in doubt about it whether or not this movie is going to turn into a werewolf flick at some point? It might have worked out, if only the mystery of the movie was truly something mysterious but it's all fairly obvious what is going on, from the very first scene on already and the movie never raises any doubts regarding anything. It also lets all of the characters in this movie look pretty stupid, whenever they are trying 'very hard' to figure out what's going on exactly, while the obvious answer is always right in front of them.

People are also referring to this movie as yet another found footage movie but is it really? Sure, it starts off that way but the movie itself but other than that it's just is a 'normal' shot and told movie. I can still see why some people are confused though. The movie features lots of shaky cam and sudden zooms in it, so the movie actually stills appears to be like a found footage flick, while it in fact really isn't. And I have to say, I can handle a shaking camera but this movie really is overdoing things. It's distracting and annoying how the camera just can't ever seem to stand still and the movie uses far too many fast cuts in it as well, which actually makes watching this movie a very tiring experience. Guess the movie still needed it though, since otherwise, there isn't an awful lot happening in this movie, until its final few minutes, which is all too little too late really.

The movie played with some interesting ideas at times and while this easily could have been a very original and effective genre movie, it just never becomes one. That's still truly the biggest flaw and disappointment about this movie.

It still is a pretty good looking movie, with some decent enough acting and effects in it and the movie at least also doesn't bore. But really, that's about as positive as I can get about this movie.

It's not an absolutely terrible movie but there's nothing in it to make it worth watching.


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