Most British comedies are known for their subtly but this movie is anything but subtle really!

This is a comedy that feels all over the place with its humor. It's doing a lot of different things and while most of it really doesn't work out, it's still providing enough entertainment and absurdity to consider this movie an amusing one to watch, if you are in a silly kind of mood (or just stoned out of your mind!).

Really, calling this movie a great one would be crazy! It's actually a very bad movie but thing that saves it from being a disaster as well is the fact that the film-makers obviously weren't taking things too seriously and weren't even really trying to make a genuinely good movie. They just want you to have some fun with it and switch off your brain for 88 minutes. Again, that doesn't make this movie a great one but it at least makes it a watchable and amusing enough one.

Best way to describe the movie its humor is to call it cartoon-like. It's that random, exaggerated and nonsensical all. It's something that I at the same time both enjoyed and hated about the movie. It does provide the movie with some good and funny moments but on the other hand it's also very obvious all throughout that cartoon-like comedy doesn't translate very well to a live action movie. The 'rules' and logic of cartoon-like comedies just doesn't work out too well within real life environments, with real human characters involved with it.

Also still kind of annoying how its story feels all over the place as well. It's obvious that they were trying to make things as random and nonsensical as possible, which doesn't always works out as entertaining as well. On the contrary really! It more often than not works out as annoying and I can definitely understand why some people would hate this movie. It most definitely is not for just everyone and like I said before, it also really depends on what kind of mood you are in. It's a movie that can easily anger and annoy you but on the other hand it's also still one you can have a great and fun time with, if you are in for a laugh.

It's a very cheap and simplistic looking and feeling movie. This no doubt was partly intentional, to give the movie a certain charm and atmosphere, to fit its absurd comedy and crazy characters but it at the same time also still is something distracting and bad about the movie. Same can be said about all of the performances; it's deliberately over-the-top and silly, which actually works against the comedy at times in my opinion.

It's a movie with lots of misses and some hits in it but overall still remains an amusing enough one, if you are in the right mood for it.


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