This may be a simplistic movie but at least it isn't an unpleasant one to watch as well.

It's a very typical comedy. Lets just say a comedic version of "Training Day", in the vein of other cop buddy comedies such as "Bad Boys" and "Rush Hour". If this sounds like fun to you, by all means, go watch this movie and chances are that you are going to feel entertained by it. If it sounds terrible and tedious to you, which is perfectly understandable, than this clearly isn't the type of movie for you and you should stay away from it.

The movie isn't a must-see by any stretch of the imagination anyway and it's of course one you can easily do without. It's just that formulaic, predictable and forgettable as a movie but having said that, I still can't call the movie a terrible one as well.

It just comes down to it that the movie definitely is an amusing enough one to watch in my opinion. It never becomes a terrible movie with anything, which granted is also really due to the fact that the movie is hardly doing anything at all. The story is a very straightforward and simplistic one, which is also the main thing that's preventing the movie from ever turning into a truly great and also real hilarious one.

Really, this movie still had far more potential in it! It's not like I believe that this could have been a brilliant comedy but it at the very least could have worked out as a slightly more solid and funnier one, if only they had put some more effort into the writing. I mean, it otherwise had the right cast and other right persons involved with it. Tim Story is not a terrible director and I have to say that I quite like Kevin Hart as a comedic actor and ever since "21 Jump Street" I like Ice Cube as one as well! However none of the dialog and situations they get put in work out as something greatly comedic too, which was greatly disappointing.

I still was amused enough by the movie though. It's nothing offensive or too stupid and the movie luckily also is too short to ever turn into something annoying and tedious. I also definitely still liked the two main characters and performances by Kevin Hart and Ice Cube good enough to find this movie to be an at least good and fun enough one. Still doubt that I'm ever going to watch this movie again though. Lets just hope that the sequel is going to be a more solid movie and comedy, Kevin Hart and Ice Cube deserve that.


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