It's normal that sequels always try to top its predecessor, usually by being bigger and more spectacular in terms of its scope and action but this movie takes the cake!

One monster wasn't enough for this movie, two weren't enough, not even three, no this movie features a quazillion! Well, not really of course and there are eleven to be exact, which is still a mind boggling number of course, especially considering that these Gojira movies normally only feature two, or at most three, kaijus in them.

It's also an absolute fact that there is more destruction in this movie as ever before, when Gojira and his pals start attacking the big cities around the globe. This actually also is the most fun aspect of the movie in my opinion, since the effects and miniatures are all pretty good to watch. It still feels weird to watch Mothra destroy buildings and wreck trains as well. In my mind she's one of the 'good' and 'kind' kaijus, who only fights for what's right and only when she's called upon by her people. But I admit I really don't know all that much about the character and I haven't seen any of the standalone Mothra movies yet.

The movie is just as random as it sounds but that's all fine really! These sequels never have been all about its writing, stories and characters but more about bringing some entertainment instead. And in that regard, this movie also really doesn't disappoint. Sure it's silly and bad to watch at times but all in a very amusing and irresistible kind of way.

Still somewhat annoying how these movies constantly keep coming up with new things. Lets just say that the whole series isn't the most consistent one around. On the one hand it's all still good and creative but on the other, why introduce Monster Island and all sorts of aliens and other characters if none of it was ever previously mentioned or referenced at, in any of the earlier movies. I mean, I like the idea behind Monster Island but why not first make a movie about that, showing how all of the kaijus ended up together on the island in the first place and how the humans managed to find a way to control them? Guess they were just trying to do something totally new and different again, after the two Jun Fukuda directed series entries and wanted to make a new and fresh start again, with Ishirô Honda returning to direct.

With 11 different monsters, it's a pretty chaotic movie to watch at times though. Especially during the final fight, in which 10(!) different monsters battle King Ghidorah. It's also definitely true that some of the kaijus receive more screen time than the other but I have to say that the movie made some right choices in that regard. The most awesome kaijus also receive the most amount of screen time and they get to do most of the fighting at the end.

Story-wise, acting-wise and just generally movie-wise it really isn't a very solid movie but within its genre it's still a pretty great- and definitely very fun one to watch!


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