What to say about this movie...I mean, I'm sure that the film-makers are very proud of it and they should be but I believe that even they, deep down, know and realize that this just isn't a very good movie as well.

Thing you have to know about this movie is that it got made by a couple of teenagers, without a real budget or professional help. In that regard I'm also still definitely willing to give the movie plenty of credit. It still definitely looks, sounds and feels like an amateur project though but all things considering, things could have a whole lot worse.

But I of course can't let everything slip, just on the account of 'it's just an amateur movie, made by a couple of teenagers'. When things are bad, it's bad, no matter how you look at it. And yes, there are plenty of bad things about this movie.

First of all; this is a Norwegian production, made by Norwegians and starring Norwegians. Then why not let the movie be in Norwegian as well? Were they aiming for a more international market, by having all the dialog in English? It's silly really and it of course never sounds 'right' either. Some of the actors are better at it than others but generally speaking, it's obvious that English isn't their native language. It's not convincing enough and even turns into too much of a distraction at parts.

But thing that most people are no doubt going to have more difficulties with is its story. Now, it's a valor attempt but also definitely and obviously a bit of a too ambitious one for a first movie. The story and storytelling feels messy and it's actually hard to follow the movie at times. Things are made overly complicated and it does a poor job explaining- and setting certain things up for the story.

Also, it's a bit too obvious that the film-makers admire Christopher Nolan's work and they try to mimic his style for this movie. It's basically like "Inception", made on a shoestring budget, with non-professionals involved. It of course doesn't work out as anything too impressive or original for the movie and if they want my advice I would say to the film-makers that they are better off trying to develop and find their own style that they feel comfortable with, instead of just 'copying' other film-makers and from other movies, or else that is all that you are going to be; a copycat and wannabe.

The movie even rips off musical scores by Hans Zimmer, which is something that happens quite a lot lately and a trend that I really don't like. There is only one Hans Zimmer, please don't try to be- and sound exactly like him. Again, try to find your own style instead, if you want to be recognized and praised for your work.

Another thing that bothered me about this movie was how it felt too much like a young boy's fantasy. No big surprise of course, seeing how this movie is written and made by 'young' boys but it's just a little bit too immature at parts for my taste. This especially becomes apparent during all of the 'action' scenes, in which the boys are running around and looking like real 'tough' guys, with big guns in their hands and cigarettes in their mouths. It's ridicules to watch, especially when they shoot down people in cold blood.

Overall, it's a bit of a messy, needlessly complicated, poorly handled movie but on the other hand- and especially all things considering, it isn't the worst movie you can watch. It still has some entertainment value and it's actually quite an accomplishment as well, when you know how- and by who it was made.


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