Funny thing about some movies is that it's very obvious that there is no way they would have been made if it weren't for the involvement of some well known and big names, both in front and behind the cameras. The idea and appeal behind the movie really isn't anything solid enough to justify why it was made in the first place.

And really, I like sports movies! But is a movie in which they do nothing but talk about sport and athletes truly a sports movie? It of course could be but only when it's telling an uplifting and engaging enough story, involving its sport. One of the problems with this movie though is that there is nothing to root- or really care for. There is not one particular sports team to cheer for in this movie since the movie isn't set during a season and doesn't feature and games in it and why should I care about which player joins what team, on draft day? It's not like any of the players have a sparkling and engaging personality to them in this movie. They are hardly characters at all and are only used as plot devices to move the story forward.

It just comes down to it that the movie feels like a pointless one, since it isn't touching upon anything new and exciting. It therefor also really isn't an interesting or engaging enough movie and one you can easily do without ever seeing. All of that still doesn't make this a terrible movie as well though but I just can't see how anyone might enjoy- and feel intrigued by this movie.

The movie still tries hard to make things interesting and engaging to follow by throwing in some more dramatic and personal plot lines. It only works out as distracting though and feels too forced and besides pointless for the overall movie. Again, it could have worked out, if only the movie was a better written one, with some more interesting angles to it and some truly clever, original and surprising plot lines in it, involving some well fleshed out- and likable characters, who don't spend the entire movie talking on phones, looking at screens and who are constantly trying to back-stab/trick other people.

It's still good to see that Kevin Costner is working hard on his comeback and he stars in some high profile movies again but I just really can't call it one of his best movies or movie roles, of the past few years. But none of the actors impress much in this movie, which again is really mostly due to the writing. I still kind of 'liked' Frank Langella in the movie but that's all because he's Frank Langella and he's always awesome to watch.

It obviously is a professionally made movie, with some decent directing, camera-work and editing but it unfortunately just isn't the most exciting or engaging movie to watch as well, mostly due to its subject but also really because of the actual writing.


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