Just what the world needed, a sequel to "A Haunted House". It of course doesn't matter whether or not a movie is liked or gets critical acclaimed, as long as it makes enough money, that's plenty enough reason for the studios to green-light- or just simply 'demand' a sequel to be made.

And that's also exactly how this movie feels like; a simple and sure cash-grab, in which neither the actors, writers or director are even really trying to be creative or clever with anything. It feels like an extremely lazy movie, that's doing more of the same, while the first movie wasn't even a very good, original, creative or just even funny one to begin with in the first place.

Can't even really say that this movie is following much of a story. It's just the one random 'comical' scene after the other, without really following a clear main plot line. Asides from spoofing some recent modern horror movies, the comedy mostly relies on racial jokes and racial stereotypes, which is just something I'll never understand. Ethnicities often complain about the way how they are being portrayed in movies and on TV but let me just tell you that this movie is far more racist, biased and 'wrong' than any of the movies or TV series that some ethnic groups often complain about, while this movie itself is co-written by the African-American Marlon Wayans and stars a very interracial cast, with Wayans himself in the lead role. It's always weird to me how a comedy that stars a 'black cast' and that is written and/or directed by an African-American person is often far more racist toward the African-American community than any other type of movie.

But oh well, it's not like that's the only problem that I had with this movie. As I said before, it just isn't all that funny too watch, which is really due to the fact that there is absolutely nothing creative or clever about the comedy of the movie. It's predictable, poorly executed and just far too lame to ever laugh at or to even feel slightly amused by.

It at least still made sense in the context of the first movie that it was shot like a found- footage flick, seeing how the movie was mostly a "Paranormal Activity" spoof. It makes absolutely no sense in the context of this movie though that it's shot like a found-footage flick as well. Guess the only reason for it was that it was a cheap way to make and shoot the movie but other than that, it serves absolutely no purpose to the 'story'.

This movie mostly is a spoof of the movie "Sinister", which again seems like an odd thing to do. I think we can all agree on it that "Sinister" was a great movie but it was a relatively 'small' one that not an awful lot of people have seen and are familiar with. In that regard, it's an odd choice to spoof that particular movie, since most of the 'jokes' and references will go over most people's heads. It's spoofing some other movies as well of course but it's all nothing that we haven't seen before and most of the time it's just literally copying the scenes from the movie that it's spoofing, without giving much of a comical twist to it. The art of spoofing is truly dead it seems...

Most of Marlon Wayans' acting performance consists out of yelling, jumping around and having sex with persons or objects, while all that Jaime Pressly has to do is look bug eyed and either annoyed or surprised at everything Wayans' characters says or does in this movie. Really none of the actors is ever trying to make something out of the movie and their roles.

Really not worth your time and money.


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