These sort of made for TV. based on true stories, type of movies never raise expectations but this one is actually pretty good and solid for what it is.

It undeniably is a made for TV movie, with its look, build up, acting and characters but the movie definitely manages to work out as an effective one. It has good mystery, some good suspense and an overall interesting and engaging story, involving the hunt for a serial killer.

Thing that mostly makes this movie an engaging one is the fact that it treats the story like a true mystery and not just like a whodunit or as a more standard and formulaic type of police thriller. It's because it picks some pretty interesting and effective angles and doesn't just simply tells its story from the perspective of the cops, or from the serial killer, as these type of movies normally often tend to do.

It's also good to note that this movie doesn't feature any needless distractions in it. It's a pretty straightforward movie with its story and way of storytelling and treats its subject with respect. It doesn't ever feels like the movie is exaggerating or overdramatizing anything. Won't say that it's the most realistic, gritty or gut-wrenching thriller you are ever going to see but it's a pretty effective one nevertheless.

The movie has a good flow and doesn't ever drags or really starts to repeat itself with anything. It does a good job keeping the story going as well as making it interesting to follow.

Really wasn't expecting much from this movie but I ended up pleasantly surprised by it. The good story and interesting way of storytelling by first time director Stanley M. Brooks make this a pretty effective and engaging, made for TV, low-budget thriller. I'm actually looking forward to Brooks' next movie now, the horror movie "Perfect Sisters". Would be interesting to see what he's capable of when given a bigger budget to work with and without being held back by any other limitations, that made for TV movies 'suffer' from.


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