This movie is pretty much up to par with all of the other SyFy original movies. It has the same sort of quality and feeling to it, meaning that it's a really far from impressive movie!

It also isn't anything too creative or original of course but at least it isn't following the same template as most of the other SyFy movies. The one thing that truly bothers and annoys me about the SyFy originals is that once you have seen one of them, you have seen them all, since they all are using the same set up and story template. In that regard this movie is a tad bit more original to watch but that's still not saying a lot really, since the movie as a whole still is a far from original one.

It's also a terribly simplistic movie with its story. Rather than ever trying to explain anything it just lets things happen and it doesn't matter at all whether any of it makes sense or not. It of course also truly is a far from convincing movie with its story, in which a giant dinosaur emerges from the sea and starts to cause havoc on a small island.

Still sounds awesome all perhaps to you but it really isn't anything all that fun or spectacular to watch really. He doesn't smash any buildings or chases people down in a tense or exciting way. As a matter of fact, there is absolutely no tension or whatsoever in this movie, which is also all really due to the poor acting performances within the movie. The actors never act scared or even all too surprised when suddenly a giant, ancient, dinosaur pops up in front of them and starts chewing on some of their friends. Not that the movie is very graphic or bloody though, which also always is a very disappointing aspect about these type of movies. As a matter of fact, all movies involving dinosaurs never are amongst the most graphic or bloodiest ones. Why is that? Probably because they also always still want to appeal to kids as well, who of course love anything dinosaur related.

The special effects are absolutely abysmal. It are the type of CG effects that already got used in movies over 20 years ago and even back then they already were incredibly fake and cheap looking. It all doesn't make this movie half as fun as it could have been, since it also turns all of the action sequences into some incredibly amateur like scenes, even though Mark L. Lester is a very experienced director within the action genre.

The title and the premise of the movie sound fun but the movie itself is lacking any form of true creativity, decent enough effects, action and tension to turn this movie into a good and truly fun one as well.


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