Movies like this are of course never critic proof and there also is plenty to complain about but personally, I don't feel like complaining too much. Of course it's not a great movie but it at least brings some entertainment and does a good job pleasing its target audience.

One of the questions many people will ask is how this movie compares to the The Fast and the Furious franchise. Well, they are equally as dumb and overblown in my opinion. I admit that this movie is better than most of the Fast & Furious movies but that's not saying all that much, since I'm not a big fan of any of those movies to begin with.

The action is just as exaggerated and the story just as nonsensical. The laws of physics and logic don't apply to this movie, which makes the movie a pretty dumb and silly one at parts but I doubt that anyone who goes to watch this movie expects any realism or a tight story, with lots of creativity and surprises from it. It's all about fast cars and adrenaline pumping action. I don't feel like the movie disappoints much in that regard, though at the same time, I'm still somewhat disappointed that it wasn't trying a bit harder with its story.

Once you read the movie its synopsis, it actually still sound pretty good and interesting all. However, once you watch the movie, you'll notice that the movie is hardly spending any time on setting up- and telling its story. The movie handles its story really poorly at times, causing the movie to feel like a very random one at parts. At times I didn't even know anymore what the main story was supposed to be all about and what the main characters were trying to do and achieve by driving around, cross country, while occasionally being chased around by someone.

It further more all is some very typical stuff really. Like I said, it's all about racing and fast- always perfectly clean looking, cars, meaning that the movie is filled with characters who act like racing is the most important thing in life, while continuously risking their own lives and that of others, as if it's nothing. No, it's all about acting tough and looking cool by staring seriously and intense into the camera, once your car goes into a spin or flies through the air, before landing safely a couple of feet away. It's all stuff- and the type of characters that I hate in movies like this but having said that, I never felt too annoyed by anything that this movie ever did, or by anyone who was in it.

Nothing about this movie is very good really but I just can't say that anything about it is truly terrible as well. It is what it is and basically does everything that car and race lovers would love to see in a movie such as this. I therefore have to say that the movie simply is a good and effective enough one, though I doubt i'll remember much about it in a couple of weeks from now.


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