Man, I just don't know what to say about this movie. Is it even a movie? It's some real random and nonsensical horror anthology stuff, made on a shoestring budget. But you know what? It was strangely captivating and in a weird way I was even kind of liking the movie at parts.

This obviously is nothing but an amateur project. With all respect but I doubt that anyone involved with this movie is ever going to make it in the business. It's an obvious amateur project with its poor cheap look, lacking 'acting', cheap hand-held camera-work, weak editing and basically everything else you can think of. In other words; yes, it's a real wreck but that at the same time is what making this movie such a fascinating and even somewhat entertaining one to watch.

It seems to me that none of the persons involved with this movie were making it because they wanted to improve on their film-making skills or thought that they were making something genuinely great but they just made it because they could and wanted to. They just did it to have some fun and they also definitely weren't afraid to go as crazy as possible with things.

That's perhaps the best way to describe this movie; crazy. It apparently is an anthology but really, it never feels like one. Of course all anthology movies are random with their different stories and most of the time they aren't connected to each other but it's never as bad all as is being the case with this movie. absolutely nothing in this movie feels connected to each other and it really doesn't matter what 'segment' you are watching. None of them feature a good story or build up and the film-makers only seemed interested in showing off with its gore and effects.

And thing I really have to give this movie is that its gore and effects are all definitely impressive and fun to watch. The movie mostly makes use of practical effects, which is good news for every horror lover. Can't say that everything is great or very convincing looking but at least it's creative and pretty impressive to watch, in terms of how things were made and done, especially when considering this movie was made with virtually no budget.

This seriously is an absolutely terrible movie and complete mess but for some strange reason I couldn't keep my eyes off of it and I actually enjoyed it in a weird sort of way.


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