The comedy of the movie either works for you or it doesn't. What one person laughs at, another person may cringe at. Personally, the humor of the movie just didn't really do it for me and to be honest, I don't think I laughed even once.

Problem with the comedy for me was that it all was far too silly and exaggerated. Every character basically behaves like an immature moron in this movie and does some things no normally function person would do or would even ever think of. I know this isn't anything unusual for a comedy but in this case it truly bothered me and prevented me from ever getting into the movie.

You can say that the movie is trying too hard to be funny and silly, with all of its exaggerated characters and unlikely developments. Instead of letting things progress and develop more naturally, it forces things to happen, in an attempt for things to work out as something comical for the movie. But really, when things get forced it all tends to feel a bit too predictable as well, as also definitely is being the case for this movie.

People are most likely going to see it for one reason though; Jean-Claude Van Damme. The movie is advertised as the first real full-blown Jean-Claude Van Damme comedy and to be honest, he also wasn't too bad in this movie. He isn't playing a very big role in this though. He's basically just one of the many supporting characters in this but yes, he's definitely the most enjoyable one.

I feel that I still could have been able to like this movie, if only it had more of a story. It all was far too simplistic really, which probably above all things was the most disappointing and bad thing about this movie. There really isn't a good main story in this movie, or anyone to ever truly root and care for. It's the reason why the movie feels mostly like a very random one, not just with its comedy but also with all of its story- and character developments.

There is also something else off about this movie. Normally I don't complain about this but this comedy definitely could have used a bigger budget, considering its concept and settings. This is one of the few comedies that I wouldn't have minded seeing getting done with a $50 million budget, also starring some bigger and better known actors.

Just not a very good or funny comedy in my opinion, though some people are probably still going to laugh at it.


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