Ah yes, Trevor Slattery. One of the most talked about movie characters of last year and not always in the best of ways. While some just simply shrugged and were amused by the "Iron Man 3" character, others were infuriated and felt that they had ruined and betrayed the character. I still feel that I shouldn't say too much, in regards to the how's and why's of it, since there probably are still plenty of people out there who haven't seen "Iron Man 3" yet but let me just tell you that this short shall most likely take away some of the anger and answer some of the questions in regard to the character.

You definitely should watch "iron Man 3" before watching this short though, since otherwise you'll most likely have no idea what's going on in this short and who Trevor Slattery is and why he's in prison.

This short is a great tie-in to the still expanding Marvel movie universe, that connects the events from the latest "Iron Man 3" movie to potential other future upcoming Marvel projects. Saying how would not only be spoiling things but it also would ruing things for you. It's absolutely something you have to see for yourself but this short does a great job setting up potentially future Marvel movie characters and giving already existing characters such as Trevor Slattery a place in future projects as well.

It's basically a great as well as creative answer to the 'nerd-outrage' and I also love how this movie subtly references to the Trevor Slattery outrage at times, without ridiculing. Judging by this short, Marvel definitely took some of the criticism to heart and tries to set things straight and make things 'right' again, with this short. It therefore isn't just an amusing and simple, quick, little short but a pretty relevant one as well, within the Marvel universe.

I also love how this movie looks and feels like a genuine Marvel superhero movie. It looks and feels like a multi million dollar budget film, that wasn't made in a hurry but actually with eye and attention to detail. It has great directing, writing and camera-work, that keeps things flowing and at all times interesting and entertaining to watch.

This foremost of course still is a very amusing short, in which Ben Kingsley truly shines. He was incredibly entertaining to watch and I'm actually sure that even some of the people who absolutely despised him in the "Iron Man 3" movie are going to love him in this one and grow a new and different kind of appreciation for his character.

Really, it's a great and entertaining short that should appeal to all of the Marvel fans out there. It besides does a wonderful job tying up some loose ends and tying in to some of the Marvel projects that are yet to come. Definitely recommendable!


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