Lots of horror lovers are going absolutely crazy over this movie. Not me though!

It's not a bad movie but it's still one that features a lot of things in it that I didn't like about it. It for instance is too obvious, very early on already, that this is going to be more than just a straightforward slasher flick, in which a family's house is under attack by a bunch of masked lunatics. It was pretty obvious to me that more was going on and the family was 'hiding' something. And indeed, as the movie keeps going, it also starts to feature a bunch of twists in it, that are all anything but surprising or clever.

And really that's a huge other problem with this movie; the story is a pretty stupid one in my opinion. It's the type of story that really doesn't make any sense, the more you start to think about it. Can't say too much about it without spoiling anything for you but just think back about the story once you have finished watching the movie. You'll realize how incredibly silly and terribly unconvincing it all is and how little sense the whole 'plan' makes.

So is at at least entertaining to watch? Well, it's a sort of entertaining movie, though the simplicity and stupidity of its concept and overall story definitely took me out of the movie at times. It at least features plenty of killings and a decent amount of gore in it. The movie doesn't feature the most convincing or surprising concept and story but it still is a pretty well executed one. It's a good looking movie, with a nice pace and plenty or variety in it, despite the fact that it's mostly set at just one location.

The acting isn't anything too impressive though. Quite frankly I really couldn't ever care for any of the characters, which was really mostly due to the acting. The characters never really respond very convincingly to any of the terrible and dangerous moments, that happen throughout the movie. Again, this really took me out of the movie at times and it really wasn't good for the movie its suspense either.

It's certainly a watchable enough little genre movie but it also definitely is a ridicules and unconvincing one, even by normal genre standards.


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