Congratulations Michael Oblowitz! The year has only just begun and already you made one of the worst movies of the year! I actually believe it's going to be really hard for any movie to top this one, in terms of suckiness.

Nothing wrong with trippy movies and no doubt in my mind that the director and writers were on something while working on this movie but it however really didn't resulted in a very good movie as well. The movie basically just consists out of a bunch of random sequences, with either characters talking, or just doing a bunch of nonsensical stuff, that is supposed to tie in to some horror- and psychological experiment related story. But really, who are all of these characters? What are they trying to do? Where do they come from? Why are they there?, why, what!? This movie really doesn't answer much and when it does answer certain questions, it only raises even more questions.

It was a big problem as well that none of the characters were any likable enough ones. Just a bunch of random 20-something year-old, behaving like a bunch of immature douchebags, talking trash to each other and doing drugs ALL the time. The movie never gives you any reason to like any of them. It also definitely makes the movie very unpleasant to watch. Or well, I should better say it's one of the MANY reasons why this movie is such an unpleasant and terrible one.

It also would have been nice if this movie would had focused a bit more on telling an actual story, with a clear beginning, middle and end to it. The movie feels far too messy and disjointed with both its story and storytelling. It doesn't explain much, it doesn't set things up properly and there is never a pleasant flow. Sometimes things happen too fast, while at others things are dragged out for far too long, such as all of the very random lesbian stuff. Nothing wrong with some lesbian action but when it just goes on and on, without really anything exciting happening, it starts to lose its appeal fast, no matter how beautiful the girls in this are, especially also when it adds absolutely nothing to the movie and its story.

Another very annoying thing about the movie is there it has a constant echo. It's not due to poor sound quality or anything but it obviously was added to the movie in post-productions, so it was something very deliberate. Why? It's absolutely terrible and very distracting as well.

The style of the movie is far too disjointed and random. The movie basically gives you absolutely nothing to latch onto. No good story, no good characters, no good, exciting or engaging moments. Why should you ever watch this movie? Please don't ask me, since I really don't know. It's a disaster of a movie!


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  1. Wish I'd have read reviews before paying. Really bad in my opinion. I want my money & time back.