For a movie with the word 'Adventurer' in its title, there is actually a shocking little amount of adventure in this movie.

It's an absolute unforgivable thing for this movie that it isn't any more fun or entertaining to watch. By all means, this should be a fun and entertaining movie but it just doesn't ever manage to become one, which is mostly due to its low budget but also definitely because of its very uncreative and unimaginative writing.

This movie most likely was aimed toward kids, seeing how there is no blood, its main character is a youngster himself and things are pretty basic. But quite frankly I just can't see how any kid could ever enjoy watching this movie. Like I said, it isn't ever a very fun or entertaining one but it also is a far from exciting or spectacular movie to watch, that's lacking any good humor and likable enough characters in it. The movie itself is also an incredibly dark one and I mean that in a literal sense. It's as if this movie is constantly set during the nighttime and the lack of color in this movie is depressing.

The story itself also isn't all that pleasant to follow. There are a whole lot of different things going on at once, with as a result that the movie its story comes across as messy and it's lacking a good focus. So apparently it has something to do with the 'Midas Box' but why so many people are after it and who all of those people are and what the 'Midas Box' is supposed to be and do exactly is all still a bit confusing to me.

This movie is lacking so much. So here you have a movie with the likes of Michael Sheen, Lena Headey, Sam Neill and Ioan Gruffudd but yet the main part gets played by the very uncharismatic Aneurin Barnard. Not saying that he's a bad actor but he just didn't seem right for the part. Granted that still most of the blame for that should be put on its script though.

The script isn't just lacking in humor, creativity and excitement but also in basic things, such as good character development and decent enough dialog. It's hard to care about anything that's ever going on in the movie and It all makes this a far from engaging movie to watch and I'm not exactly looking forward to any sequels, that are underway already apparently.

The movie also really could have used a good main villain in it. The first half of the movie feature nothing but a bunch of suspiciously acting characters in it, like a bunch of second rate Harry Potter characters. It isn't really 'officially' revealed until the second half who the movie its main villain is, though it's nothing too surprising really. Just look at the cast-list and you'll should be able to figure it out already.

Lacking excitement, lacking humor, lacking good romance, lacking characters, lacking writing, a terribly dark atmosphere. Just a few of the many reasons why this movie really isn't worth watching.


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