To be honest, I was liking this movie better than expected. I expected it to be a lame and poorly done B-grade, formulaic, horror/thriller flick. But while the movie is being formulaic, it at least is a pretty well done and enjoyable one, that's perfectly watchable, despite the fact that I just can't rate it very highly as well.

There are still plenty of problems with the movie. The story for instance; I was actually liking the movie far better when it was being nothing more but a very basic and straightforward one, in the vein of movies such as "Misery" and "Death and the Maiden", in which one character is holding another character(s) prison at an house and starts torturing them, to reach a certain goal. The movie at that point was a simple but enjoyable one. The movie actually started to become worse once things kept on developing and started to turn into something more 'complex'. Though it's still at all times a very simple and predictable movie, it just makes things a bit needlessly complicated for itself toward the end, no doubt in an attempt to still work out as an original enough movie on it's own. It wasn't always working for me and went at the expense of its entertainment value.

It isn't exactly great 'torture porn' as well really, since the movie isn't all that graphic or shocking to watch. You don't need to have a strong stomach to watch this movie and I don't really know if that's a good or bad thing to say about this movie. It keeps things 'light' and mostly pleasant and entertaining to watch but at the same time you of course always would expect to get a decent amount of blood and graphically shocking moments out of a movie such as this one. But no, if you're looking for that, there are obviously other and far better movies to pick.

One thing that still kept the movie going for me was its acting. It's weird to see how Billy Zane's has developed; the one moment you're playing a big role in the most expensive and highest grossing movie of all time (at that time) and the next you're starring in low budget slock. These type of movies is all that Zane is doing lately really, which is a bit of a shame but at least I can say that he still was pretty good in this movie. The same goes for AnnaLynne McCord and Viva Bianca really. Just can't say anything negative about the movie its acting and it truly helped to keep things interesting to watch.

It's not a great movie by any means but it at least is being an enjoyable enough one, that never bores. It's just basically some silly, cheap, entertainment but some well done silly, cheap entertainment, that's really not as bad as you perhaps would expect it to be.


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