Already seems like this is a much hated movie but is it truly that bad? Sure, it isn't anything terribly exciting or tense to watch but it's definitely a perfectly watchable movie, that isn't doing an awful lot wrong.

Probably the foremost reason why most aren't really liking this movie is because it's a quite formulaic- and not the best executed one. But that still doesn't mean that the movie is a terrible one as well. The story still offers plenty of twists to keep things going and interesting to watch, at basically all times.

It's always somewhat annoying when a movie is filled with coincidence after coincidence, since it definitely goes at the expense of its credibility and therefor also the tension and suspense. This movie suffers somewhat from this as well but it nevertheless was easy for me to 'simply just go along with things'. The movie never feels or looks like a hyper-realistic one, so it was more easy for me to let certain things slide. It's a movie that's going for 'entertainment', rather than realism and that's what made the movie mostly watchable for me.

Can't say I was very impressed with Dominic Cooper in this and Samuel L. Jackson pretty much phoned his performance in but still, it wasn't all quite bad enough to ruin anything. Just don't watch this movie expecting to get another standout performance by Jackson, in which he plays yet another great and memorable crazed maniac/villain.

Most of the twists and developments aren't all that likely but if you are into thrillers or cop shows, it's all still fairly good to watch. The movie doesn't really stand out with anything but the good news about that is that it also isn't negatively standing out with anything either. It's just simply a perfectly watchable, little, middle of the road, genre movie, especially if you are into these type of simple and straightforward thrillers, that are more oriented on the story and characters, rather than on its action or any other distractions.


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