Meh, i'm not quite hating on this movie THAT much but sure, it's a pretty bad one.

Believe it or not but at this point there are more "Paranormal Activity" spoofs than actual "Paranormal Activity" movies. Most of them go straight to DVD and for good reasons. There is only so much you can do with its concept, before it starts to turn into something repetitive and predictable. This latest spoof is no exception on this and it's lacking in creativity but above all things; also in any good comedy.

The movie is directed by- and stars Kevin P. Farley, who is indeed Chris Farley's younger- and less talented brother. The way how the movie is set up is that it consists out of the one comedy skit after the other, without ever truly trying to tell a main story. It's also all too obvious that they had some real difficulties ending some of the skits and find a proper punchline or good comedy angle for some of them. It provides the movie mostly with some pretty annoying, random and unfunny moments, that seem like they were all made up on the spot. I don't even know or understand why there was a writer involved with this movie, unless Lisa Baget is a pseudonym for Kevin P. Farley.

Thing about its comedy also is that it's all being something totally unoriginal. It sort of reminded me of the time when comedies were still ripping each other off left and right. This sort of all went away after the introduction of the internet but this movie doesn't seem to be very worried about getting 'caught' ripping other movies off. It isn't even being subtle with it and it also does it more than just a few times.

The movie feels far too simplistic and like it didn't ever really care about anything. It didn't care about the story and everything about it feels poorly thought out and lazily executed. It's as if Kevin P. Farley picked up a camera one day, called some friends and decided to shoot away, without a real plan or goal in mind. And really, it's not like "Paranormal Activity" spoofs can't be funny. I have actually seen plenty that genuinely made me laugh, even the most poor and simplistic ones. This movie however never me laugh, (well OK, I admit, Eric Roberts amused me mildly) which is of course totally unacceptable for a movie that's trying to be a comedy. The movie it's comedy often mostly relies on fart and gay jokes, which should tell you something about the movie its comedy and the 'creativity' of it.

Just ignore this movie please.


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