Comedies in which a guy goes to his high school reunion aren't really that unique, let alone ones in which he tries to reunite with his high school sweetheart. But it's very simple; as long as a comedy makes me laugh and I'm able to enjoy it all throughout, then it's a good and effective one in my book, no matter how formulaic and predictable it is.

This movie probably isn't going to get a whole lot of attention and that's a real shame in my opinion. I definitely enjoyed this movie far better than most of the bigger and more expensive, elaborate, Hollywood comedies, starring more familiar faces and bigger names in it. The humor is about as simple and childish as you would expect it to be but it actually works! This movie made me laugh numerous times, which mostly was due to the excellent comedy performances from the actors.

Sone of the humor in the movie really isn't ail that clever or creative but due to the fine execution and timing of all of it the movie, for most part, does work out as a very fun and occasionally also very funny one. I have to admit that I laughed more than a few times and I'm really not the type of person who laughs who at just about everything. It was obvious to me that all of the people involved had a great and fun time making this movie, which also was a reason why most of the actors were playing so well off each other. There is a lot of ad libbing too but things never go too far or go on for too long, so it actually feels like a very natural part of the movie and of its characters.

Of course not everything works out though. There are some characters for instance who are either underused or work out as redundant for the movie. And yes, even though I liked it, the story itself is a tad bit too simplistic and predictable. The ending also felt somewhat disappointing. I don't know but I guess I was expecting something 'bigger' and more definitive. None of the story lines really get wrapped up that well at the end, in my opinion.

A promising directorial debut by Michael Rosenbaum, who besides also wrote the movie and played the lead role in it. It's perhaps not a great or very memorable movie by any means but it definitely is one you can have a really good and fun time with! I for one don't regret watching it and it provided me with more than a few laughs.


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  1. Not unique is right. Reminded me of a cross between Grown Ups and Ten Years and American Reunion and The Hangover and ad nauseum.

  2. This movie is flat out funny respect to the Garvin.