A hillbilly version of Charles Dickens' 'A Christmas Carol'. If that sounds absolutely hilarious and fun to you, then by all means, go and watch this movie. If it sounds like a terrible and lame idea to you, then stay away from this movie, as far as possible.

Personally, I'm stuck in the movie somewhere. The movie actually wasn't as bad or as lame as I had anticipated it to be. The humor in the movie is actually quite good but the story however just isn't.

First of all, it's only loosely based on Charles Dickens' 'A Christmas Carol'. I mean, in essence this movie really isn't about Christmas or the spirit of it in the first place. The main character isn't a Scrooge like character in the sense that she dislikes Christmas and is mean to everybody that ever loved her. No, she is just a bad- but above all things, incredibly incapable mother. And with the help of the ghosts of Christmas past, present and future, she starts to see and realize this as well and slowly becomes a better person and mother to her kids. It's really not as sappy or dramatic as it all sounds though. The movie foremost is still being a silly comedy. It's a very light movie, that you just can't ever take very seriously.

It's not a complaint really. It at least turns the movie into an entertaining one to watch but at the same time the story is still being a too simplistic and silly one to turn this movie into a great one as well. It ultimately is a very forgettable movie, that won't get you into the Christmas spirit either, seeing how it's not really a Christmas movie to begin with, in my opinion.

A bunch of acting misfits show up in this movie, which makes for a pretty weird- though also also fun cast. Beverly D'Angelo? The king of bad and cheap B-movies Eric Roberts? And who told Meat Loaf he could be in this movie? It should tell you something about how this movie is like and how you should take it.

The movie is good for a few laughs but other than that, no this really isn't a great or very memorable one.


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