Goodness me...I don't even know why I keep trying with these type of movies. Zombies are awesome but 9 out of 10 low budget zombie flicks are not! But I wish I could say that the biggest problem with this movie was its low budget but the movie in fact has far bigger and more serious issues than just that.

This is not just one of the worst zombie movies I have ever seen but also one of the worst movies in general. It actually in a lot of ways feels and appears like an amateur project, shot by a couple of friends, without first thinking things through properly. The movie and its story in particular is an absolute mess and it's not even enjoyable or entertaining to watch, when it comes down to its 'zombie action'.

So who are all of these people that we are following around in this movie? Why are we following them? What are they trying to do? Are they simply trying to escape or are they trying to figure out- or look for a cure? The movie itself really isn't ever clear enough on any of it. Instead the movie feels far too random with everything. For instance the way the characters are all first introduced into the story. They are all totally different ones, who have nothing to do with each other and don't end up together until the movie is halfway through already. Besides, the movie also feels the need to constantly introduce new, pointless, characters into the story, to add to the messiness. In some cases the movie introduces some characters in one scene, only to kill them off in the very same scene. How are we supposed to care or feel for any of these people and why are all of those scenes in there? It appears like the director was just doing a bunch of his friends a favor by letting them play characters in his movie, without letting their characters ever be anyone important or even relevant to the 'story'.

And story really is a term that should be used loosely here. It lets things just happen, without ever properly building up or developing anything. The story is lacking a clear goal and purpose and it as a matter of fact doesn't ever truly feel like a zombie flick at all. A survival flick maybe but there is just never a good sense of constant danger. It never feels like there's a zombie outbreak or that the lives of the main characters are in immediate danger. Life just goes on for most part and the main characters themselves also spend more time listening to music, getting drunk and peep on lesbians randomly having sex, rather than surviving and fighting off zombies.

It's an absolutely horribly told story, that's an extremely poorly constructed one, with some bad dialog, that often has absolutely nothing to do with what's happening on the screen or is going on with its story and with some poorly developed, very random, characters in it. There is absolutely never anything in the story that's remotely interesting or engaging. It's an absolutely terrible movie to watch, with nothing exciting or entertaining to it either. The amount of zombies and zombie-action is disappointing really and besides all is something very simplistic and uncreative as well.


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